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MA 34  - 2020 Lessons Learned turn into 2021 Goals

MA 34 - 2020 Lessons Learned turn into 2021 Goals

January 5, 2021

The retrospective episode you've been waiting for.

When I ask myself what I learned in 2020, my first impulse is to start laughing.

Sometimes you have to strike out into the hills, only to find out you ended where you started... but I learned a lot along the way, and I'm going into 21 with a good game plan and the experience to make it work.

My big goal for 2021: 1 million words of fiction. If I make that happen, I'll be well on my way to bringing my income up where it needs to be to make this a sustainable career.

That's 2740 words a day or 19,178 a week. Seems crazy in aggregate, but I can easily write a 1000 words an hour as long as I know the story I want to write. I bet you can too.

I hope you're looking forward to 2021 as well.

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SW 022 - Author Dinners with Fans and Comparisonitus

SW 022 - Author Dinners with Fans and Comparisonitus

September 2, 2019

In this episode I talk about dinners with fans.

Spoiler alert, they're great.

They can help you build engagement, make your series' world more real, and create priceless experiences for your fans.

If you're like me and your mind goes blank while talking, you might want to take some flash cards so you don't forget the name of your latest book.

I also struggled with a bout of "comparisonitus" this week, where I found myself comparing my career in the last three years with other authors I know, wondering if I've made the right decisions, and choosing to focus on what's right for me... even if I haven't completely figured that out yet.

Also, Google says podcasting is the new blogging, so get on that. Lol.

Thanks for listening!

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