Marathon Author: A creative career is a marathon, not a sprint

MA 34 - 2020 Lessons Learned turn into 2021 Goals

January 5, 2021

The retrospective episode you've been waiting for.

When I ask myself what I learned in 2020, my first impulse is to start laughing.

Sometimes you have to strike out into the hills, only to find out you ended where you started... but I learned a lot along the way, and I'm going into 21 with a good game plan and the experience to make it work.

My big goal for 2021: 1 million words of fiction. If I make that happen, I'll be well on my way to bringing my income up where it needs to be to make this a sustainable career.

That's 2740 words a day or 19,178 a week. Seems crazy in aggregate, but I can easily write a 1000 words an hour as long as I know the story I want to write. I bet you can too.

I hope you're looking forward to 2021 as well.

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